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Sustainable Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Maintenance, Pedestrian Bridges, and Stone Masonry

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About Us

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OTC strives to create sustainable, multi-use trails that frame nature's beauty. From hiking, biking and equestrian trails to ADA accessible and stabilized trails, we build paths to fit the needs of anyone, anywhere. Over thirty years in the business has ingraned sustainablity into OTC design expertise, creating long-lasting trails that work in harmony with nature. We perform heavy construction with a delicate touch, building trails in national forests, nature preserves, private developments, college campuses and urban areas.

The construction team at OTC is a large group of dedicated and skilled individuals who have been building trails together for years. Their joined and varying knowledge creates a productive and efficient crew for every aspect of trail building. OTC also has a complete design team working with municipal government agencies and developers to plan, create and build trail systems from concept to completion. Our two teams work together closely, creating a tight-knit business that can tackle trail building in any environment. OTC maintains federal, state, county and municipal contract relationships, while also building relationships with private organizations and nonprofits.

OTC not only believes in building sustainable trails, but in maintaining a environmentally sustainable business as well. In order to do so, we strive to support local communities by utilizing local resources whenever possible, using recycled and efficient materials on-site, in our office and at home. OTC recycles paper, office supplies, and uses environmentally-friendly household supplies for housed crews. We also use biodiesel powered equipment and vehicles whenever available and feasible. OTC creates access to nature through trail building and believes in protecting nature through environmental consciousness. We hope that our trails encourage people to enjoy nature and to protect it as well. Happy trails!

The OTC Story

Okanogan (pronounced "oh-keh-nah-gan") Trail Construction's name derives from Okanogan Valley region in central-north Washington State, where OTC originated. The company was founded by Matt Woodson, who began contracting and completing independent trail work for the U.S. Forest Service in the North Cascade Mountains. Throughout the 1980's, Woodson and his crew repaired and restored trails in the Northwest, learning the idiosyncrasies of sustainable trail design and repair. Through years of experience repairing improperly built trails, Woodson became familiar with the problems and issues inherent poor trail design.

In the early 1990's, OTC began reconstructing sizable sections of deteriorating trails. Through large-scale reconstruction, Woodson and his crew were able to implement design modifications to better ensure trail sustainability; however, confined by the parameters of reconstruction alone, they were only able to exercise a limited number of design concepts. By 1995, OTC began building new trails from design to finish. Starting from the very foundation of each project enabled Woodson to implement improved sustainable design throughout his work, assuring durable outcomes.

For the past twenty years, OTC has been building new trails and trail systems in the diverse wilderness regions of the United States, specializing in rugged and remote terrains of national forests, wildlife preserves and private lands. Recently, the company has conducted business in urban areas as well, such as college campuses, rural mountainous areas and outer city neighborhoods. OTC has compiled a well rounded expertise in every aspect of trail building; skilled in designing and constructing hiking, biking, equestrian, and ADA stabilized trails, that feature nature's boudless beauty.

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