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Okanogan Trail Construction (OTC) is a trail design, trail building and trail maintenance company that is available worldwide. We have been dedicated to sustainable trail construction for over thirty years. OTC is adept in working with diverse environments and geologies, specializing in rugged and remote terrains as well as rural and urban settings. We ensure our trail durability by working with each locationís distinct characteristics, incorporating environmental elements and weather patterns into our sustainable design.

The OTC team is a unique group of trail builders and support staff, whose combined experience and skills set us apart from most other trail contractors. Unlike many other companies, OTC is dedicated to the construction of trails exclusively; we have no other business interests, so we are able to focus on what we do best. Our company maintains federal, state, county and municipal contract relationships, while also building relationships with private organizations and nonprofits. OTC has constructed trails in national forests, wildlife preserves, college campuses, private lands and urban areas.

Our business is expanding every year and we currently specialize in the following areas:

  • Sustainable trail planning, surveys and design
  • Sustainable trail construction
  • -Hiking, biking and equestrian trails
    -Stabilized (ADA accessible) trails
  • Trail restoration and upgrades
  • Pedestrian bridge design, installation and maintenance
  • Stone masonry benches
  • Trail signage
  • Visitor amenities

Please feel free to contact us for any information you would like and check out our gallery pages to browse some of our completed work!


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