Okanogan Trail Construction, Inc.

Sustainable Trail Design, Trail Construction, Trail Maintenance, Pedestrian Bridges and Stone Masonry

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Trail Hiker Black Lake Trail Camelback Mountain - Echo Canyon Trail Cedar and Birch Park Bridge Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Trail Old Trail in the Pacific Northwest Fountain Hills Connector Trail Bridge Crossing Gateway Trailhead Stone Bench Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Mountain Biker Pacific Northwest Trail


Okanogan Trail Construction (OTC) is an award-winning trail design, trail building and trail maintenance company that is available worldwide. OTC has been in the trail business for over thirty years, with expertise in performing heavy-duty construction in remote and diverse environments. Each trail is tailored to delicately frame nature's rawness and beauty, while providing the most sustainable and exciting experience for visitors. OTC's trails synchronize with the environment as much as possible, requiring minimal maintenance and sparing customers time and money on reconstruction and repair.

Our business is expanding every year and we currently specialize in the following areas:

  • Sustainable trail design, surveys and planning
  • Sustainable trail construction
  • -Hiking, biking and equestrian trails
    -Stabilized (ADA accessible) trails
  • Trail maintenance, restoration and upgrades
  • Pedestrian bridge design, maintenance and installation
  • Stone masonry features
  • Trail signage and other visitor amenities
  • Trail maintenance training

Please feel free to contact us for any information you would like and check out our gallery pages to browse some of our completed work!


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